Seo, Miji

Korean, b.1982
Pop Artist / Painter

She is a Korean artist based in Seoul and Tokyo.
She like to express emotion, air, light, and energy on canvas with vivid color.
The artist currently lives in Japan and travels throughout the world, being exposed to various cultures.
She is particularly influenced by subcultures, especially Kawaii (“cute” in Japanese) culture.
The girl in her artwork is a symbol of happiness and pure hope; it sends out positive energy to people.
She also has published books: ‘Niko Niko Street Market’(enbooks in Japan) and ‘MIJI world’(artePOP in Korea).

Artist Statement

Whenever I stand in front of a white canvas, I start listening to my inner self.
I ask myself how can I make people happy. How can I make myself happy?
In my art, I like to incorporate all the emotions- sadness, happiness, anger- and transform them into positive energy.
Standing in front of a white canvas, listening to my heart, I go into a kind of a meditative state where I am left only with pure emotions.
Only then am I ready to transform my emotions into vivid colors.  I can see myself, my positive energy, reborn on the canvas.
Making people happy and positive through my art makes me feel fulfilled.
It makes me curious to find happiness in this world. I hope that my art can also help you find your happiness.


2017 < Seo, Miji solo exhibition > Gallery Toast, Seoul, Korea
2016 < Miji Festa > Block House, Tokyo, Japan
2015 < Miji’s Owl > Artion Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 < The One > Block House, Tokyo, Japan
2013 < Miji’s happy trip > Space UM, Seoul, Korea


2019 < 100 MOVIES 100ARTISTS - 100 years of Korean cinema > Avenuel Art Hall, Seoul, Korea
2018 < PARALLEL 18 Collective > Wynwood Art Gallery, Miami, USA
2018 < Asia Art Fair 2018 > KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea
2018 < My little Pony > Collaboration exhibition, Jeju Shinhwa World, Jeju Island, Korea
2018 < 100ALBUMS 100ARTISTS 2 - Kpop music > Avenuel Art Hall, Seoul, Korea
2017 < Asia Hotel Art Fair 2017 > Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul, Korea
2017 < Girl 2 Show > double exhibition, Higure Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2017 < Art of Tarot > Gallery Toast, Seoul, Korea
2016 < The 1st Ttukseom Pop Art Festival > Naru Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2016 < Art Shopping Exhibaition > Gallery Toast, Seoul, Korea
2016 < Delos & Miji > double exhibition, Space Namu gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 < Popcorn Season 1 > Naru Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2015 < Art in Cordoba > Cafe West Bridge, Seoul, Korea
2015 < MONEY > Gallery Rae, Busan, Korea
2015 < 4 color Nuri K-POP Festivals > Dr.Park Gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea


2010 1st Puboo Picture book Contest - GRAND PRIZE, Japan


2016 < MIJI world > artePOP, Korea
2015 < Iillustrator's Atelier > Ejong, Korea
2012 < Niko Niko street market > enbooks, Japan


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